Residential and Commercial Inspections

Residential and Commercial Inspections

Services That We Can Provide

  • Customized services to meet the individual needs of our clients
  • Visual observations, detailed reports, pictures, diagrams, measurements
  • Condition reports, estimation of life expectancy & budget pricing
  • Detailed written specifications for tendering both large & small projects
  • Maintenance program for new or existing roof systems
  • Diagnose leak & ventilation problems
  • Core tests to reveal underlying components
  • Manage your new or re-roofing project
  • Investigate and evaluate recent roof applications

Condition Reports

A condition report can include different criteria depending on the roof system and our client's needs or concerns. An example of this would be a detailed diagram and photos of the roof along with a written report based on visual observations & core tests if applicable. Our reports will determine the current condition of the roof, what repairs are necessary to maintain the integrity, how long it may last and what costs may be incurred for replacement or repairs.

Roofing Maintenance

The most important reason for establishing a program of regular roof maintenance is to protect the owner's investment. A properly executed maintenance program will add years to the life of the roof by detecting minor problems before they become major, as well as providing better protection for, and avoiding interruption of, the internal functions of the building.

A roof system can be exposed to all manners of chemical and physical stress. The long term effects of these forces are called "Normal Aging". In reality, small isolated problems caused through abuse, stress concentration, inadequate ventilation, error, or other factors result in a shortened lifespan of the roofing system. Small problems or defects, if not detected and repaired, inevitably become major problems, affecting the performance of the whole roof system.

It is commonly recommended through the Roofing Industry that roof systems in their early stages be checked at least once every couple of years and more frequently as the roof ages in order to address any isolated problems that may arise.

The cost of a maintenance inspection is minimal when compared to the cost of replacing a roof or a section of a roof prematurely. This will allow you to get the maximum serviceable life of your roof system and obtain budget costs of roof replacement when needed, therefore, improving your financial planning & forecast.

A Maintenance Inspection consists of:

-Visual overview of the roof, flashing details & associated accessories followed with a written report, detailed diagrams and photos for labeling & locating any deficiencies or necessary repairs. This provides a record for our client’s roof and allows for speedier more efficient future inspections.

-At our client's request we can provide a list of reputable roofing contractors to fix any deficiencies that need to be addressed.

Roofing Projects

Before a roofing project:

  • On site evaluation of existing roof system or review of roof plans
  • Educate our client on the different roof systems and products available.
  • Draft up detailed roofing specifications inclusive of tender documents.
  • Assist with the Tendering process.
  • Pre-bid site meeting with participating contractors to review project specifications in relation to jobsite conditions.
  • Provide any Addendums to the specifications as needed prior to bid closing
  • Review all bids and provide our client with recommendations.
  • Draft up a Letter of Acceptance and/or contract agreement for all parties to sign.

During a roofing project:

  • Start-up meeting with roofing foreman and/or project supervisor to review jobsite particulars in relation to the contract documents.
  • Progress inspections during roof installations include a written report and descriptive photos
  • Written roof inspection reports include but not limited to the following:
    1. Verify materials being used are as specified
    2. Observe and report on workmanship qualities and/or assist with problem solving.
    3. Verify roofing applications are in compliance with project/ manufacturer specifications and good roofing practice.
    4. Follow-up with site foreman on deficiency corrections, time constraints or poor housekeeping.
    5. Observe and report on any unsafe situations
  • Prompt evaluation of change orders due to unforeseen circumstances
  • Do our best to keep the roofers on track with consistent quality installations throughout the project.
  • Evaluate progress draws in relation to work completed.

After a roofing project:

  • Start-up meeting with roofing foreman and/or project supervisor to review jobsite particulars in relation to the contract documents.
  • Final inspection and overview of the roof to confirm substantial completion.
  • Provide a list of any deficiencies remaining with corrective action.
  • Provide a post final inspection to follow-up with any deficiency corrections.
  • Verify correct project billing and assist with discrepancies.
  • Provide a maintenance schedule that will aid in getting the roofs full life expectancy.



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