Why Hire a Roof Consultant

Why Hire a Roof Consultant ?

Why Hire a Roof Consultant ?

Your roof system is the most important part of the structure as it protects everything on the inside, from the elements outside. When deciding on a new or re-roof installation there is an inexhaustible list of different types of roofing products, each having their own installation standards. Most often when someone needs a new roof they will call up 3 or 4 companies to get bids on their project. Without knowing exactly what you want each roofing company will have their own idea of what you should have or what they would like to put on. The customer usually ends up with varying quotes & prices, each with different recommendations or products. This can be very confusing and often stressful for the customer.

In today’s competitive, fast paced society, important details concerning a roofing project can often be overlooked. There are many things to consider when a new roof system is installed, most importantly are the manufacturer written installation procedures and requirements for warranty validation. Some other key components are weather protection during installation, housekeeping, ventilation capabilities, proper drainage, flashing details & the effects of associated components such as wall coverings, soffits, fascias & gutter systems.

A new roof installation relies mainly on the roofer’s knowledge and workmanship ethics. That being said, is the roofer actually using the right materials and is he fully aware of & abiding by these installation requirements to ensure a quality, warrantable, safe installation?

At On Top Inspections Services we can draft up detailed specifications that meet the needs of each individual project. This minimizes any grey areas and provides a clear understanding of what is expected from beginning to end. Each contractor will be bidding on the same thing which keeps all bids competitive & comparable. This takes the guess work out of the mix for the roofer as well as the customer and most often achieves better pricing for the job.

At On Top Inspections Services we can perform periodic inspections during the re-roofing phase to verify that the materials used are as specified & applications are in compliance with the manufacturers written installation specifications & good roofing practice. Having a Roof Consultant oversee a project would result in a higher quality finished job with few problems. Good roofs are obtained by using durable materials, accurate bids & most importantly – years of professionalism.

Control of what happens with the roof is then given back to the owner.



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